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. if what happened in egypt is a coup under u.s. law aid has to be withdrawn and the united states faces a diplomatic dilemma. >> whether or not cutting off the aid at this point would only deepen the crisis and send egypt into a further meltdown. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain is leading calls for the white house to use aid as a lever to force egypt towards fair and free elections. but a policy expert says egypt's future will be determined by egyptians. >> the u.s.'s role is minimal. but, the biggest thing for the u.s. is to avoid having egypt turn into a failed state in the middle of civil war. that's the worst of all option. >> reporter: for egypt, a turbulent transition. finding an interim leader is the first step in what cube months long road towards free elections. >>> we have breaking news in the area where a little boy has been reported missing. it's in northeast d.c. police officers rushed to a scene off west virginia avenue there. pat collins has our report. pat? >> reporter: jim, sources are telling me now that police found the body of a young boy in the back of a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1